Maple Burl Bowls Nested Set
Rosato Woodturning

Maple Burl Bowls Nested Set

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One of the finest projects I have completed. This nested set of four bowls started out as one chunk. I scooped out the smaller bowls from within the larger bowls. The bark remains around the rim of each piece displaying wonderful colors, textures, and nature. 

I carved each piece to a simple, elegant curve. On the surface of the largest bowl you can witness the incredible growth patterns of Burl wood and how bird's eye figure grows within the tree.

These are decorative in nature but can hold objects as well. I wouldn't toss a salad or anything, but some decorative glass balls or flowers can add some charm.

I don't get burls like these that often. Get them while the going is good.

The stool in the image I see for sizing purposes. The seat is 12" in diameter.

I write the zip code of where the tree grew on each bowl. This set came from 05401. 

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