This video explains how I balance grain patterns. It adds visual quality to your work and displays nature's aesthetic beauty.


This video shows the making of a kuksa cup, which is a Finnish hiking cup. I use these to hold coffee, water, and oatmeal when in the woods.


This video shows an advanced technique to cut the button off the bottom of a bowl. If you try this, be careful. I saw David Ellsworth perform this once and had to try it myself.




Here's an interesting video of swarf, which my good friend Charlie introduced me to. Swarf are dust-size metal shavings that result from sharpening tools on a grinding wheel. A suggestion from Glenn Lucas led me to put a magnet on my grinding wheel to collect the metal shavings, thus keeping them from flying in the air and into my lungs. This collection is over the course of a few weeks of grinding. I love these small, insignificant things about the craft. 



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