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Rosato's Woodturning Center offers classes in the woodturning arts. We exclusively focus on wood lathe work because it is the best thing to do after you've had your morning coffee.     We offer half-day and full-day workshops. You will work at your own pace on your own project at your own lathe. And there will always be an experienced instructor pretending like he knows what he is talking about.      Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We offer classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.      If you are interested learning the fine details of the craft or advancing your turning skills, scroll to the bottom of the page to learn about our Individual Lesson Plans

1. Choose a project 

All projects listed can be completed by someone with absolutely no experience so don't be afraid to choose what you like. In some cases, you may be able to complete more than one item during a half-day session. Wood is always included in the cost. However, some projects require additional components to complete and additional charges will apply. For instance, the pizza roller requires additional cost for the metal roller. Additional charges range from $5 to $20 depending on project.

These projects can be completed in a half-day:     -Single Serving Salad Bowl     -Pens     -Honey Dipper     -Bottle Opener     -Ice Cream Bowl     -Salt and Pepper Shakers     -Wood Stem Wine Glass     -Pizza Roller   -Rolling Pin     -Cheese and Cracker Plate     -Ice Cream Scoop     -Coffee Scoop     -Wood handled screw driver     -Baby Rattle     -Candle Holders     -Garden Dibble     -Dry Flower Vase     -Wood Mushrooms     -Magic Wands     -Letter Opener     -Napkin Rings     -Salt and Herb Cellar     -Have something else in mind? Email to discuss. 

These projects can be completed in a full-day:   -Multiple projects listed from above     -10" Salad Bowl MOST POPULAR PROJECT   -Salt and Pepper Grinder     -Cake Stand    -Mortar and Pestle     -Set of two or three single-serving bowls

2. Choose a date and time


These are available dates and times. For half-day, choose morning (10:00am - 1:00pm) or evening (1:30pm - 4:30pm). For full-day you may choose to come one full day or two half-days on different days. Fill out the form below with your project, dates and times. 

October 6, 7, 8

October 12, 13, 14

October 19, 20, 21

October 26, 27, 28

November 10, 11, 12

November 17, 18, 19

December 1, 2, 3

December 8, 9, 10

December 15, 16, 17

3. Cost

Half Day - $85 - either 10am -1pm or 130pm - 430pm

Full Day - $160 - Most popular option. This option can be redeemed as one full day or two half days.

Two Day - $300 - Attend two full days OR half-days once per week for four weeks.

Individual Lesson Plans 

Cost starts at $350 and you get two-full days of instruction. For those of you looking to advance your skills, learn a special technique, or to delve further into the craft of woodturning, we can develop a plan to meet your goals. This is especially useful if you intend on setting up a lathe at home or already have one. We will develop a list of projects with increasing difficulty and tailor practice techniques to strengthen your weaknesses. 

There are a lot of tools to choose from and we can help narrow down the selection. We can delve deeper into sharpening, carving trees prior to putting them on the lathe, gluing wood blanks, hollow turning, spindle turning training techniques, and more. If you have tools you may bring them. 

We also offer one-on-one instruction at our facility or we can travel to your location. Inquire about costs. 


We offer memberships for individuals to use the shop during hours when lessons are not taking place. This is especially useful for those of you who want to turn during the cold winter months but do not have a heated garage. You must be proficient at the lathe and not require instruction. There must always be at least two people at the shop so signing up with a friend is beneficial. Terms vary based on what you want to do. And we reserve the right to decline anyone access for any reason. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to inquire. 

Group Classes

We can have six people in the shop at any time, but can accommodate larger groups for special projects. We can host family parties and corporate team building events. 

Because we are a local business we rely heavily on word of mouth. It would be wonderful if you shared our classes with your friends and told them about your experience. Like us on Facebook or forward them an email to this website. Thanks! 

      A few turners making shavings. A member turning a lamp One guy made a mortar and pestle. Paul making shavings and a Burl bowl. ,